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Der Bund – Switzerland 1998-08-08: Carefree … Bern Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Osvaldo Ovejero probably as the motto for the concert in … Osvaldo Ovejero’s “Spring Dance” waltz, a jewel with many surprising ideas – very … read the article The Bund 1995-10-06: Bern / orchestral concert premiere … MSG chamber orchestra under the direction of Osvaldo Ovejero in the French Church to an astonishing extent … read article Bouquet of melodies for the New Year: W I T T I G K O F E N Q T T 18 QUAVIER 13/98 20 and 40 musicians. Established in 1991, the ensemble gives concerts at irregular intervals, mainly in the Bern region. Its musical director, conductor, and co-founder, Osvaldo Ovejero, has set himself and his musicians the goal of cultivating traditional and contemporary music and repeatedly premiering his own compositions. His opera “The Message from Space” will probably make headlines in the near future. Esther Feingold, the young Bernese soprano, who convinces with her versatile voice in opera, classical music, musical, blues, and jazz, is considered a special star in the federal capital. Your appearance can therefore once again be an experience. The MSG Chamber Orchestra (Musique Synfonie Globale) is a dynamic ensemble, which, depending on the program, can go from carefree to the New Year with a colorful bouquet of melodies; a sympathetic intention that the MSG Chamber Orchestra Bern under the direction of Osvaldo Ovejero has for their concert in the Treff- U.

La Nueva Provicia de Bahia Blanca newspaper Argentina: Friday, October 1, 2010 OSVALDO OVEJERO CONCERT In a family setting Each presentation of the Tucuman maestro Osvaldo Ovejero in Argentina means a family move. Truly. The last time the conductor was received in Bahía Blanca, he was coming with his wife, the soprano Esther Feingold, and his first child, Ricardo, barely one year old. They came, as they do eight years later, from Bern, where Ovejero settled in the ’80s, “when tradition dictated specialization in Europe and there were not many possibilities for development in other parts of the world.” In the Swiss capital, the conductor and the singer lead a music school and he conducts a chamber orchestra and various vocal groups. Therefore, the return is not always easy. For this reason, and because now they are also accompanied by Sirion, 6, and Ariadna, 3. Ovejero is invited to direct the concert that the Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Bahía Blanca will offer tonight. Feingold will participate as a soloist, along with local musician Raúl Soto. For just over a week the director and family have settled in an apartment in Lamadrid 92 to perform the rehearsals of a repertoire as varied as it is complex. The Symphony No. 8, by Ludwig van Beethoven; the Concerto for clarinet, piano, harp and string orchestra, by A. Copland; Summertime, by George Gershwin; Theme with variations for soprano and orchestra, by Henry Proch, and three works by Ovejero: Spring Explosion, Alma de Tucumán and El Planeta la Tierra, make up the offer. The director enthuses with details such as the size of the Copland concert; the richness of dialogue between the orchestra and the singer proposed by Proch –beethoven’s contemporary–; or the tonal harmony that he himself chooses for melodies that become recognizable to the public. “In principle we would carry out Weber works. Finally, together with Raúl Soto and maestro Antonio Cerón Ortega – head of the OSPBB – we decided on Copland because he hadn’t played in this city for twenty years ”, he maintains. Variety and taste Offering the listener a diverse repertoire –Ovejero says– is a good way to keep the attention on symphony and chamber orchestras. “We have access to so many and so different styles that it becomes necessary to incorporate different pieces into the programs to attract a new audience,” he adds. Latin America and Argentina in this context, are experiencing a kind of artistic spring, “unlike Europe, where the taste for symphonic and chamber music has been reduced to subscribers.” “Perhaps it responds to an extreme technicality in some modern European composers; perhaps to the need of musicians from other latitudes to grow from their place. “Here it has been understood that you have to provide variety to move forward – he concludes -; that the public must be renewed from programs that interest everyone and that is the prerogative of the directors ”. Abbreviated Osvaldo Antonio Ovejero was born in Tucumán, in 1960. He studied cello at the UNT School of Music, clarinet and music theory at the Provincial Conservatory of the city of San Miguel de Tucumán (Argentina) where he graduated in 1980 as professor of theory and music theory. He perfected himself in cello, composition and conducting at the Faculty of Music of the University of Graz (Austria); the Vienna Conservatory and the Faculty of Music of the University of Vienna; and in Bern. Since 1991 he has been the director and founder of the MSG (Global Symphonic Music), Berne chamber orchestra and since 2001 he has served as director of three mixed choirs from the Berne and Freiburg region. Invited, he conducted the Chicago Philharmonia, the Tucumán Stable Orchestra, the Bahía Blanca Provincial Symphony Orchestra and the National University of Cuyo Symphony Orchestra. His repertoire as conductor includes symphonic works, masses, operas, operettas and musicals from all periods and styles, some of his own creation. Tickets. The performance will begin today, at 9 pm, at the Municipal Theater. Tickets are sold for 30, 20 and 10 pesos, and the Beethoven passport is required for its corresponding stamp to those who have it.

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Der Bund 1999-08-03: Symphony «Thaidonesia» … Bern Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Osvaldo Ovejero and the soprano Esther Feingold successful concerts … from «Rigoletto») and the song «Spring Explosion», which Ovejero performed composed a text by the singer. Read article.

Der Bund 1996-06-08: BERN / MSG concert with a world premiere Exciting encounters … the Argentine musician Osvaldo Ovejero, who lives in Bern, describes the culture of his homeland with the possibility of expression … was about rhythmic entrainment. So Ovejero left the tango and even the … in tune, a large audience was able to enjoy another Ovejero composition without reservation, because of the song “Spring Explosion”…

The Chicago Maroon (Chicago-USA) Datum: 19.November 1993 Presse: Philharmonia plays both highs and lows Chicago Philharmonia – Mandel Hall. In the next piece, Mozart’s Exultate Jubilate, with Swiss soprano Esther Feingold and conductor Osvaldo Ovejero, the quality of playing improved a great deal. Conductor Ovejero also seemed to bring much more emotion out of the Philharmonia, with their dynamics and articulation closely matching Feingold’s own. HK.