Founder of nine tone music

Description of Style:
Expressionist, but with clear themes, no use of twelve-tone music, but using a new, even sprout pad Neunton and Zehntonmusik with four-and Fünfklangakkorden. The rhythms and melodies of Latin American and European influences, the harmony and jazz influences. His creativity he expressed in works for solo, from chamber music, orchestra, choir and stage works. Many of his works were first performed in Austria, Switzerland and Argentina. New plan is to premiere his first opera in two acts “The message from space,” Op. 27, libretto by Esther Feingold. Eigenewerke performances: 1993 World premiere of the overture to his opera ” The message from outer space “- Zurich – Bern – Solothurn – Kirchberg – CH 1995 premiere of the song” Spring Explosion “for soprano and orchestra – Bern – CH, Tucuman, Bahia Blanca – Arg 1996 premiere of the serenata” La Cordillera de los Andes “for chamber orchestra – Bern – Solothurn – CH 1996 premiere of the Symphony” Hola Chicago at No. 1 for large orchestra – Bern – Rüttihubelbad – CH 1997 premiere of the Symphony “Thaidonesia” No. 2 for large orchestra – Bern – Solothurn – Thun — CH 1998 premiere of the waltz “Spring Eintanz” for large orchestra – Bern – Erlach – Münchenbuchsee – Lyss – CH 2001 premiere of the song “Alma de Tucuman” for soprano and orchestra – San Juan – Arg 2008 World premiere of the song “El Planeta la Tierra “for soprano, tenor and orchestra-Bern CH-press is saying about his compositions: Author: Author: Author: Author: was. Source: Der Bund newspaper (Berne-Switzerland) Date: 11 January 1999 Media: CD / recording of the MSG-Berne Chamber Orchestra (Cascada 9292). Advance of interest is in three movements Ovejeros meditative and beautiful atmospheric “Thaidonesia” – Symphony op.25. In its 2nd Symphony uses the 1960 Argentine-born composer of Neuntonleiter and specially derived chords, has occupied the large orchestra, which he enriched with oriental instruments. C. Schädeli. Source: BZ (Berner Zeitung, Switzerland) Date: October 1, 1998 Press: Osvaldo Ovejero: Symphony Thaidonesia. The 37 Argentine composer Osvaldo Ovejero created from the impressions of a Thailand-Indonesia-trip a eingeängiges and sonically original work. Much of this mood music immediately sticks in your ear. eho. Source: Tagblatt (Berne-Switzerland) Date: 24 September 1998 Press: Esther Feingold: New CD. Increasing attention is also the compositions of the Argentine-Austrian composer Osvaldo Ovejero. This gifted and conductor Komponoist always surprised again by his style in the mastery of modern harmonies with an abundance of musical ideas and the use of less-frequently played instruments. awh. Source: Der Bund newspaper (Berne-Switzerland) Date: 8 June 1996 Press: Ovejero premiere Symphony No. 1 “Hola Chicago.” This versatile, high-contrast work has trozt 9-clay construction is not atonal, but in his expressive nature very obliging.


Works Directory: Op. 1 duet “around 1900” for Vla.u.Vc. (1984, Vienna-A). Op. 2 Sonata for viola. u.Klav. (1985, Vienna-A). Op. 3 “Inspiracion” for cello. u. Klav. (1986, Vienna-A). Op. 4 “Malambo” for cello. Solo (1985, Vienna-A). Op. 5 “Nostalgias” String Quartet no. 1 (1986, Vienna-A). Op. 6 “Frühjarhs Eintanz” Waltz Orch (1987, Vienna-A). Op. 7 “Un Giorno a Tropea” f. Vl. u. Klav. (1987, Tropea-I). Op.8 “Nunca dejes el Amor” f. See above, T and pf. (1988, Vienna-A). Op. 9 “La Computadora” f. Vc. u. Klav. (1989, Vienna-A). Op. 10 “Rio y Cascada” Quintet f. A Sx, Git, Vl., Vc. and pf (1989, Vienna-A). Op. 11 “The Three pictures” f. Fl., Cl. and Vibr. (1990, Vienna-A). Op. 12 “Tourneè” Quintet f. Clear. and Str Quart (1987, Vienna-A). Op.13 “El Sol y la Luna” Vocalise f. S., B. and Orch (1994, Bern-CH). Op.14 “La Tormenta” duet f. Two pf. (1992, Bern-CH). Op. 15 Overture to the opera “The Message From Space” (1993, Bern-CH). Op. 16 Symphony No. 1 “Hola Chicago” f. Grs. Orch (1994, Bern-CH). Op. 17 Serenade “La Cordillera de los Andes” f. Chamber Orch., Guitar, Pk. and bombo (1994, Bern-CH). Op. 18 “Caminata Nocturna” f. A.Sx. Solo (1992, Bern-CH). Op.19 “The Future) f. Fl. Solo (1990, Vienna-A). Vocalise Op.20” Canto al Universo “f. S. u. 8 Vc. Soli (1994, Bern-CH). Op. 21 6 variations on the Latin-American folk song “El Condor pasa” f.Vc. u. Klav. (1989, Vienna-A). Op. 22 Diluvio f. 13 Instr., Fl., Ob., hr, cl., Bassklar ., Fg, Marb., Kl.trm., Vl., va., Vc. u. Kbs. (1993, Bern-CH). Op. 23 Elegia f. Vc. u. Klav. (1995, Bern – CH). Op. 24 song “Spring Explosion ‘f. S. u. Orch (1995, Bern-CH). Op. 25 Symphony No. 2” Thaidonesia “f. Grs. Orch (1997, Bern-CH ). Op.26 song “Alma de Tucuman” f. S. u. Orch (2001, San Juan, Arg).. Op. 27 opera in two acts, “The message from outer space” for 3 or more choirs, Large soloists and orchestra (1993 – 2006 Berne). Op. 28 song “El Planeta la Tierra” f. ST u. Orch (2008, Bern-CH) Op. 30 Symphonie Nr. 3 “Baselbieter”.